Vegan Delights was founded in 2015 by Emily and Marcus, two vegan chefs united by a passion for nutrition and making people happy with great food. They work together on a daily basis, creating and developing taste sensations for everyone who tries their food.

About Us

Emily Stephenson- Managing Director and Head Chef


Emily specialised in food technology and nutrition at school and college, eventually training at Leith's School of Food and Wine. She has worked in the catering industry since the age of 15, and her fascination with unique flavours and beautiful presentation led her to do stages at some of the best restaurants in England: The Ledbury, L'enclume, The Pass and Pollen Street Social. However, as a gluten and dairy-intolerant vegetarian who struggled to find restaurants she could eat at herself, she decided to abandon conventional kitchens and dedicate her professional life to changing this.


After commiting to a plant-based lifestyle for ethical reasons, Emily soon discovered veganism made sense for so many more reasons such as for health and the environment. After moving to work at London's leading vegan restaurants including Saf and Wild Food Cafe, she discovered that there was much more to food than just taste and satisfying hunger; it also has the power to nourish, heal and make you feel happy and healthy. With a passion for creating plant-based food free from gluten and dairy that's delicious as well as nourishing, she committed to developing new and nutritious cuisines. She trained to become a certified David Wolfe Raw Nutrition Coach in 2015.


Marcus Perkins- Sous Chef and Technician 


Marcus grew up in a Rastafarian household in Brixton. Being the eldest of 6 siblings and with no father around, he learned from his mother how to prepare family meals. By age 9, he was making the family Christmas dinner. Growing up Rastafarian meant that Marcus grew up predominantly eating 'ital' foods - plant-based foods that increase life energy - something that has informed his decision to commit to a vegan lifestyle.


From a young age, Marcus was always very active, with a keen interest in nutrition and fitness. At 16, he played for Arsenal Juniors (B team), soon training to become a Gym Coach - where he taught classes and created tailored fitness programmes that had nutrition at their core. Unable to ignore his passion and natural talent for cooking, Marcus went to work in catering and went on to work in the kitchens of top hotels, restaurants, hospitals and the military. After watching clips of animals being slaughtered in inhumane ways, Marcus felt so strongly that all animals should have the right to freedom and life. The first thing he felt he could do to help was to stop eating animal products and commit his working life to preparing delicious foods made from only plant-based ingredients. He made a decision to align his work with his veganism and went to work at Saf restaurant in Kensington, where he met Emily.


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