“Absolutely superb, by far best meal I have ever had, and my boyfriend who tried raw vegan food for the first time in his life was rendered speechless and couldn’t get past “MMMMMM OH MY GOD THIS FOOD”! The starter was just delicious, the sunflower seed and garlic puree – just outstanding, the buckwheat pizza with the little dehydrated tomato slice, just mouthwatering and your mango cheesecake BLEW OUR MINDS. it is obvious that you put your heart and soul into this food and we appreciated it so very much. If at all possible we would like to come again! We wish you all the success in the future, thank you for having us” 

-Kristine (guest at pop-up restaurant evening).



"These two did the most incredible job. If you require raw food or vegan catering, look no further"

– Karen Knowler (the world renowned Raw Food Coach and trainer, author and founder of the High Vibrational Woman).



"The dinner was incredible! So delicious! I loved being able to eat everything without having to question whether there might be wheat in anything.. I also love that you source organic ingredients where possible, it’s just perfect and I had such a good time! Everyone was so nice and lovely too! Thank you so much!” 

Nina (guest at pop-up restaurant evening).


“The mini raw pizza with hempseed pesto and dehydrated mushroom was an explosion of concentrated pizza flavour” 

Metro (review of canapes at pop-up restaurant).



"Thank you Emily and Marcus from Vegan Delights for pampering us with so much passion. The food you made with love, the ‘going the extra mile’ service and both your personalities are unforgettable".

- Ineke Van Hullebusch (founder of PURE INEKE – Vegan Living with Style)



“I’m not vegan at all and usually eat a lot of meat, but was astounded by the quality and flavour. The “cheese” definitely had me fooled! I felt very full afterwards and recommend Vegan Delights to anyone – vegan or not!”

 Flynn (guest at pop-up restaurant evening).


"The highest art of cuisine is the one that is prepared with love. If on top it is raw cuisine, that nourishes the body like nothing else and let’s my soul soar, then I’m in heaven. Emily and Marcus of Vegan Delights created this last week at the Raw Coach Training Residential Retreat 2016 through their dedicated work, loving attention to detail and beautiful bright spirit. Thank you! You two rock!" 

Gabriela Learner (founder of Radiant on Raw, author,expert raw living coach).


"Emily and Marcus, what can I say, thank you so very much for catering at the retreat in Devon, The food you supplied for the whole week was absolutely outstanding, the very best Raw Vegan food I have ever tasted.The effort and love that went into the making of every single meal every day from breakfast, lunch and dinner, and several snacks throughout the day was undeniably outstanding and could clearly be tasted in every bite.I highly recommend you to everyone and anyone looking for an out of this world food experience whether Raw Vegan or Vegan.Thank-you so very much again… "

Joanne Thomas-(owner of GrassRoots Health ltd)


“Emily, thank you very much for making saturday night so great. The food was fabulous, really great feedback from all the girls. They loved the vegan/raw concept too, so we are spreading the raw love! You guys were a really professional team” 

– Ruth (private three course Hen dinner party)


“This is vegan food for…everyone! If you don’t like Vegan Delights’ food then I will eat my hat, as long as it is made of organically grown straw, has less than 15 food miles and tastes like it has been made in heaven! Couldn’t recommend this food highly enough, some of the best food I have had in 61 years.”

John (Yogi at Yoga Rocks Retreat, Greece)


"Marcus and Emily catered for the retreat that I attended and not only are they incredibly professional and go above and beyond the extra mile to delight their clients, they also deliver the most incredible food I have ever tasted. I had no idea that food could taste so good. On top of that greatness, I felt awesome after five days. From feeling tired everyday and looking rather pale, to bouncing out of bed at 6am and having huge rosy cheeks. My skin and hair felt incredible. Their food is so exquisitely made and gives you taste bud explosion, energy high and happy feelings. You can’t quite conceive it until you have tried it. Out of this world and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them because they are just fabulous to have around"

-Anne Williams (Karen Knowlers Raw Coach Training Retreat, Devon 2016)


"Amazing food! Big thanks to Emily and Marcus".

-Annie Loney (Karen Knowlers Raw Coach Training Retreat, Devon 2016)


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